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"I am so impressed with the yoga studio and the instructors. The studio is clean, inviting and the rubberized floor is comfortable and clean.

The main instructor, Marianne, is delightful, engaging and a terrific instructor. She is kind and knowledgeable and gets more from me than ever imagined. As a “more than middle-aged woman whose body just doesn’t bend that way,” Marianne gently guides me through the session and, over time, I am able to do more and more. Yoga is demanding but Marianne makes it fun and I appreciate that. She recognizes my limitations and spends some of the session focusing on poses or excercises to help me.

I highly recommend this yoga class to anyone who has ever thought of taking yoga… will enjoy it and be glad that you decided to join."
- Dr. Jackie O.

"I think Marianne Bergamo is the best yoga teacher that I’ve ever had. I love the hands on that she does to make sure we’re doing it properly and the music is on target with the poses. Marianne is very encouraging and takes the time in a busy class to check in with everybody on a personal level."
- Debra G.

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