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Heart Rate Monitors

The use of a heart rate monitor can be very integral to the success of your health and fitness strategy. Compare a heart rate monitor to the speedometer in your car. When driving your car, you have a good idea of how fast you are going. However, without a speedometer you may be going a little too fast and risk getting pulled over or you may be going too slow creating a dangerous situation for other drivers. The heart rate monitor is very similar. When exercising, you probably have a good idea about the intensity of your work-out based on your experience and bio-feedback. However, without a heart rate monitor you donít know exactly if you are exercising at the right intensity to safely and most effectively reach your goals. Regular exercise at too high of an intensity can lead to chronic injury and over-training discomfort while regular exercise at too low of an intensity can prolong the achievement of your goals. Regular exercise at the appropriate intensity as measured and monitored with a heart rate monitor can insure you are always right on target.

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