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Exercise Bikes and Rowers

Stationary bikes are widely used as home exercise equipment. The non-impact cardiovascular workout in a comfortable seated position encourages you to spend more time on the equipment. Upright cycles more accurately simulate outdoor cycling; however, recumbent cycles give more support to the lower back and minimize the stress on the knees when compared with the upright cycle. Ask our expert staff to help you find a bike that fits your personal needs.

Don’t let the graceful movement deceive you. Rowing is a real “workout”; a full body cardio, endurance & strength workout. World class rowers use these machines for on-land training when they can’t get out on the water. However, rowing machines are not just for the serious athlete. Rowers can be used by almost anyone from children to seniors. The exercise resistance is based on how hard you pull (stroke) and how fast you row (stroke rate). With each rhythmic stroke, you determine your exercise experience.

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